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Assessments: Getting Started

The Assessment Manager provides a simplified, yet powerful, best-practice approach to conducting regular process readiness, compliance, capability and maturity assessments. The Assessment Manager has been designed to allow people of all capabilities, from novices through to experts, to perform a detailed assessment.


The core steps to performing assessment are as follows:

  1. New: Create a new assessment using a helpful wizard to define:
    1. Summary: The assessment name, description and scope
    2. Profile: Recording a company profile and assessment drivers
    3. Library: Selecting the areas to be assessed, assigning owners
    4. Depth: The level of depth of the assessment (one of three levels)
  2. Execute: Each assessor sets up interviews, reviews evidence and answers the questions
  3. Review: Process the results, view the scores and review your improvement opportunities and tasks
  4. Close: Complete and close the assessment, publishing all tasks to the improvements register



Stage 1: Design - Creating a New Assessment

Assessments may be performed at any time by SIM Power Users and Administrators. To start a new assessment, navigate to the main Assessment Manager page and click the New Assessment button. The SIM server will perform a quick check to validate your ability start a new assessment - this is dependent on your subscription level and the number of other assessments that are active at the time.


The Wizard will now step you through the process of creating a new assessment.


Depending on your level of access, you may not be able to see all other assessments currently being performed by the rest of the team, so if you have any questions, please ask your Admin Contact as shown in the Settings Window.




For users with Edit Mode access, you will notice a Share button located at the top-right corner of the Assessment Summary page. By default, only Administrators can see your assessment. Sharing allows you to provide read and write access to other Power Users. To enable Sharing, click the Share button and modify the Read and Write options available for each user listed in the Sharing Window. Please note that you will need to enable Write access for other users that will be assisting you in the delivery of this assessment.




Stage 2: Execute

Once the assessment has been launched, each assessor (defined during the initial setup) will have received an email notification inviting them to complete the assessment. All activities during this phase will be concentrated on the Assess tab within the assessment. Depending on the permissions that have been set up, each assessor will only be able to edit the categories or processes that have been assigned to them.


Please refer to the separate knowledgebase article for details on how to Perform the Assessment.




Stage 3: Review

An assessment can be progressed from the Execute phase to the Review phase only when all of the assessment categories and processes have been completed. This can be achieved by returning to the Summary tab and clicking the Next Stage button located in the bottom left corner of the screen. Report tab will now be activated, providing you with baseline scores of compliance, capability, maturity and quality, plus all improvement tasks automatically generated for your assessment.


Please refer to the separate knowledgebase article for details on Generating the Report.



If, at any time, you need to modify the answers to your assessment questions, you must return to the previous stage to make your changes before re-processing the results. In order to do this, you must:

  1. Click the Previous Stage button on Summary tab to return to the Execute stage
  2. Modify the findings for each assessment category or process accordingly
  3. Click the Next Stage button on Summary tab to proceed to the Review stage




Stage 4: Complete - Closing the Assessment

The Review stage provides you with the opportunity to refine the improvement activities prior to completing your assessment. Tasks can be added or deleted according to your requirements or based on other observations you have made during the assessment.


Once your review is complete, it is important that you finalise the assessment by clicking the Next Stage button located on Summary tab. Performing this step will publish all tasks into the Improvements Register and will close the assessment.




Important Note:

Each SIM subscription plan includes a limit to the number of assessments that can be performed at once. This is to ensure that all assessments are closed off in due course so that the list of assessments is appropriately maintained over time. It is therefore necessary to formally close each assessment upon completion so that improvements are published to the register and the next assessment can be started when required.


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