1. Getting Started (6)
General Instructions & Miscellaneous Items
2. Assessments (5)
Compliance, Capability & Maturity Assessments
3. Registers (5)
Central repository to manage all improvements and risks
4. Initiatives (9)
Plan and manage all improvement initiatives
5. Explorer (6)
Share policies and procedures. Report on KPIs
6. Tools (4)
A bonus collection of useful productivity tools
Assessments: Getting Started
The Assessment Manager provides a simplified, yet powerful, best-practice approach to conducting...
Improvement Register
The Improvements Register provides a central location for recording and managing the full range...
Home: Getting Started (Personal Dashboard)
The home screen provides a personal dashboard consisting of the following key components:...
Assessments: Library Designer Module
Introduction Depending on your subscription plan, SIM provides a number of out-of-the-box...
Initiatives: Getting Started
The Initiative Manager provides a you and your team with a suite of tools to rapidly build a...